UFO Sightings in the Last Five Years

UFO sightings

Several UFO sightings have been reported in the last five years. These sightings include ones in Utah and Alaska. However, these events are not the only ones that have been reported. There are also numerous sightings reported in the United Kingdom and Sweden. In addition, the Mutual UFO Network and CUFOS continue to keep records of UFO sightings.

UFO sightings in the last 5 years

The number of UFO sightings in the last five years has increased dramatically. Among them are reports of cigar-shaped craft flying over the sky. There have also been reports of a butterfly being mistaken for an alien craft. The Massachusetts Air Force and MUFON have conducted investigations into the reports.

The majority of sightings occur during the evening hours. Almost half of these cases are reported between 8 p.m. and midnight. The exact time and date for these sightings is unknown, but they do have some common characteristics. In addition, UFO sightings are very seasonal, peaking in the late summer months, especially in the evenings.

UFOs have become a topic of debate and controversy in our country. Once considered a political fringe, they have entered the national conversation. As a result, the Defense Department created a task force called the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force to study sightings of these mysterious objects. The group was given the task of cataloguing, studying, and analyzing these reports.

Those looking for more information can visit the site of the International UFO Bureau. In February, the group held a UFO conference in Delaware. The event includes speakers, panel discussions, and opportunities to view the sky. Also, Delaware is home to two “UFO”-shaped structures. One of these structures was designed by a Finnish architect in the 1960s, who hoped the designs would help solve the housing shortage on Earth.

UFO sightings between 1947 and 1969

There has been an ongoing debate over UFO sightings. Many people claim they’ve had close encounters with them, and some have even claimed to have encountered aliens. There have also been reports of strange aircraft and UFOs that have crashed. Here are some case studies from the period from 1947 to 1969.

Between 1947 and 1969, the U.S. Air Force conducted a project known as Project Blue Book. This was a small, top-secret team tasked with investigating the reports of UFO sightings. Its goal was to determine whether or not such incidents threatened national security. The project was eventually cancelled.

The Air Force conducted an investigation and created a database of over one thousand UFO sightings between 1947 and 1969. The database is easily searchable. The researchers compiled a 130,000-page database of images from various witnesses. However, the data on these UFOs was inconclusive. The reports were considered spurious and disputed.

Air Force researchers found no evidence to support the government’s cover-up. The documentation from this investigation was transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration and is available to the public. However, the Air Force did not take action on the information uncovered during the investigation. Ultimately, it cost the Air Force a considerable amount of money to investigate UFOs.

UFO sightings in Alaska

Two men reported seeing a mysterious light over Anchorage in early November 1952. A month later, six women reported seeing a flying saucer over Eklutna. It’s not known what the object was, but the witnesses were sure that it was not a weather balloon. According to the Alaska National Guard, the UFOs may have been meteors, but it’s too soon to tell.

Astronomers from Harvard University and the University of Alaska Fairbanks teamed up to study the orb. They found that the orb’s orbital path matched the flight of Chinese satellites deployed from the Pacific Northwest. The rocket’s leftover fuel likely reflected the light, creating the orb. A spacecraft’s tumble could also explain its rotating motion. Regardless of what it was, the phenomenon is still fascinating.

Alaska is home to many unusual and eerie phenomena. UFO sightings are not uncommon in this state. In fact, the state is known as a hotbed for UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters. The vast expanse of the state, largely uninhabited, attracts aliens and other paranormal activity. Whether UFOs are real or not, this site will help you learn more about this fascinating part of the United States.

UFO sightings in Utah

On Tuesday night, a mysterious light was spotted hovering over northern Utah. People started sharing pictures of it, and some were convinced it was a UFO. They remarked that the light was unusual, looking like two cylinders attached to each other. It then disappeared into the sky like a distant star.

In fact, UFOs have been reported throughout human history, and they’re generally linked to extraterrestrial life. In 1639, the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s co-founder, John Winthrop, reported seeing a UFO. Another sighting in Utah was made in 1775 by James Everell, who saw a “great light” hovering over the Muddy River. It was several hours later that they were a mile upstream from where they’d come from. However, no one knows how they got there. The state has long been considered a hotbed for UFO sightings.

According to reports of UFO sightings in Utah, hundreds of cases have been documented. In the northeastern part of the state, the Uintah Basin is the epicenter of unexplained activity. The Basin is also home to Skinwalker Ranch, which has been the subject of many investigations. Since the early ’90s, the ranch has had three owners. The last two have devoted a considerable amount of time and resources to investigating the phenomenon.

UFO sightings in Nevada

Nevada is home to thousands of documented UFO sightings. You can visit the National UFO Reporting Center to read about dozens of reports and find out if you have been witness to an eerie sighting. If you’re not sure what to do, you could try filming the sightings, but you may not catch a real alien.

In 1954, the Air Force’s Chief of Staff, Nathan F. Twining, spoke out about the mysterious UFO sightings at Edwards Air Force Base. He later told reporters that “no fact has been discovered to prove” that ETs were real, but that some “very reliable people” had reported seeing them.

In 1953, a man named Van Tassel claimed to have seen an alien craft land in the Mohave Desert. He claimed that he saw other alien craft and even spoke with friendly aliens in English. The incident was recorded and reported in newspapers around the country. He went on to say that he was a college graduate and a school photographer.

Another report from Nevada was a UFO crash that occurred near Edwards Airbase. A radar specialist working on the base had observed a UFO crash in 1952 and confirmed it later. The crash was witnessed by other base personnel. The craft was over 50 feet across and contained four dead bodies.

UFO sightings in Texas

Although UFO sightings are common and regularly documented, their validity is still up for debate. This article explores a recent video that demonstrates an object that was seen over Texas, as well as social media posts involving the object. According to the video, a greenish-white object is visible in the evening sky and appears to be hovering above Brushy Creek.

Several witnesses in Texas have reported seeing an unexplained flying object. One of these individuals spotted a disc-shaped object near the Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park in Austin. The object was silent and appeared to descend rapidly, but the witness was not able to take a picture or video of the object. As a result, he drew a picture of the object. The object was about 50 feet in diameter, and it was made of metallic material.

Another famous incident in Texas involves an airship. On April 13, 1897, a silver disc was observed flying over farmland near Aurora, north of Fort Worth. It is believed that the craft was an unmanned aerial vehicle, which crashed into the ground after an apparent collision. The pilot of the craft was killed in the crash and his body was later buried in the local cemetery. The incident was reported to the local police.

UFO sightings in Washington state

According to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), Washington state is the state with the highest number of UFO sightings per capita. Since 1974, the center has been tracking reports of UFOs in the United States. This website is where people can report their sightings.

The state has a long history of UFO sightings. In the early 1900s, Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl claimed to have seen men in black speeding past them as they walked. The two men say they were being threatened by a dark-clad government operative, which led to the creation of the term “men in black.” In addition, the Maury Island Incident allegedly ended with the crash of a UFO outside Roswell in August 1947. In fact, the state Senate even passed a resolution commemorating the event 70 years ago. Today, some scientists are concerned about the widespread mythology surrounding UFO sightings.

Since its founding, the National UFO Reporting Center has collected over 150,000 sighting reports. The center works to verify reports to avoid hoaxes and to verify the legitimacy of sightings. However, it warns sky-watchers to be skeptical. Often, people may see long, straight strings of light in the sky. In many cases, these lights are simply Starlink satellites that provide internet access to hundreds of thousands of people.

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