The Most Famous UFO Sightings

most famous ufo sightings

Some of the most famous ufo sightings have been reported by a number of people. Among these sightings are Maurice Masse’s sighting of an unknown craft and the images of the island of Mariana. These images were subsequently called into the authorities of Iran.

Mariana’s images

Nick Mariana was the general manager of the Great Falls “Electrics” baseball team when he witnessed a strange object hovering over Great Falls, Montana. He ran to his car and grabbed a 16mm movie camera, and the unidentified flying objects were captured on film for sixteen seconds. Mariana’s film was subsequently studied by dozens of UFO experts, and remains one of the most famous UFO sightings.

Woonsocket’s images

In 1976, a group of college students in Massachusetts spotted a UFO over the town of Woonsocket, RI. After the sighting was disregarded by local rangers as nothing more than a hardware store celebration, the group continued their trip. In the years that followed, one of the students, Jim Weiner, began having seizures and said he had visions of flying humanoids.

One of the first documented UFO images was taken in 1870 over Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Another famous UFO sighting in 1947 occurred in Mount Rainier. In addition, numerous reports of unusual shapes in the skies have been recorded over a long period of time. Nevertheless, no proof has been found to support the existence of extraterrestrial life.

In 1965, a huge wave of UFO sightings occurred in the U.S. In particular, strange flying objects were being reported almost nightly in the midwestern states. One of the most famous sightings was a multi-colored disc that was photographed over Tulsa, Oklahoma, performing low-altitude maneuvers. This photo was published in Life magazine and many newspapers. However, some researchers believe that the photo was a hoax.

In another famous UFO sighting in Virginia, an eyewitness spotted a green orb in the sky over Virginia Beach. This sighting occurred on February 11, at 10 PM and was recorded on video. Another sighting was reported over White Plains in January, when high-altitude objects were seen moving in a similar pattern. Both reports did not state the number of objects spotted. In addition, sightings were reported in Chester, Somers, Peekskill, and Yonkers.

Another famous UFO sighting was the Incident at Exeter in 1965. Author John G. Fuller wrote about the incident in his bestselling book “Incident at Exeter.” The incident took place on September 3, 1965, and the book Incident at Exeter was published in 1966. The witnesses of the incident included a woman driving on Route 101 who claimed to have been chased by an enigmatic flying object with flashing red lights. Another witness, an 18-year-old man, saw five bright lights hovering over his house.

Another image of a UFO in Tallahassee, Florida, from 1960, shows a mysterious blotch hovering over the city for half an hour. The blotch disappeared soon after. Highway traffic engineer Rex Heflin was able to take pictures of the UFOs. The photos were published in the Santa Ana Register and prompted a controversy over their authenticity.

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