Demonic Possession – How to Identify the Symptoms of Demonic Possession

demonic possession

If you are experiencing strange behavior or unaccepted impulses, you may be suffering from demonic possession. Other symptoms may include difficulty in spiritual practice and difficult family situations. In addition, you may have been exposed to inappropriate music or films. You may also have developed unwanted sexual urges. In such cases, you may find yourself engaging in homosexual activities or extramarital sex.


One of the most common characteristics of demonic possession is the ability to speak in tongues. This ability can cause the victim to levitate, exhibit superhuman strength, and forswear all religious words. However, it can also be used to create trouble in relationships. Demons have even been known to cause addictions.

Often, people with demonic possessions cannot remember their past behaviors. These people may be constantly ill or have thoughts of suicide. They may also exhibit hallucinations. In some cases, they may see the ghosts of the dead or experience visions of God. Some possessed people also experience sulphur or foul bodily odors.

Recent studies indicate that demonic possession is a growing problem worldwide. According to Bourguignon (1973), North and South America were the most common countries affected by spirit possession. As a result, it is important to understand the local ritual practices of each region to determine whether the individual needs professional help.

Demonic possession is considered a spiritual affliction and requires mental and pastoral care. However, it is important to note that the Catholic Church does not automatically consider every case as demonic, and exorcisms are only recommended when the demonic spirit is associated with striking paranormal phenomena and extreme revulsion toward sacred objects.

Full-blown Demonic possession is a very serious condition that may lead to violent or suicidal behavior. In addition, it can cause an individual to exhibit foul odors, talk in tongues, and act out bizarrely. In addition, possessed persons often become physically emaciated and experience rapid weight loss. In some cases, this condition can even cause death.

The Christian church considers demonic possession a dangerous condition that has its roots in witchcraft and sorcery. The Christian church also considers demonic possession a consequence of sin. As the Christian church defines it, demonically-possessed people exhibit behaviors and ideas that were unusual and radically different from what would be acceptable for the person. In ancient times, demons claimed their victims through direct contact or by using a wizard. Witches also used spells to transmit the demonic spirits.

The belief in diabolical possession diminished in the West during the 19th century. However, the practice of spirit mediumship increased. During this period, female mediums often became an independent income. They communicate with the spirits of deceased relatives using the medium’s voice or body. In many cases, the medium reports amnesia.


Demonic possession is a frightening experience for anyone who experiences it. It can cause an individual to behave in very strange and unnatural ways. Symptoms of demonic possession include falling to the ground, writhing, seizures, and foaming at the mouth. While some symptoms are shared by many illnesses, the diagnosis of demonic possession is best left to a qualified physician.

Although demonic possession is a real phenomenon, it is important to recognize the symptoms and seek appropriate treatment for the individual. If you believe your loved one is experiencing demonic possession, you should consult a physician for further evaluation. In addition to seeking medical treatment, you should seek spiritual support. Many deliverance ministries offer spiritual care.

Some theories suggest that demonic possession is the result of a combination of physical and mental illnesses. Although this explanation may be plausible, psychiatric diagnoses do not always adequately explain the symptoms of demonic possession. For example, an epileptic would not vomit toads, and a melancholic would not talk in foreign languages. The truth is, demonic possession symptoms are highly specific to the culture where it occurs.

Demonic possession is a serious condition that can lead to severe physical and emotional impairment. It can also lead to a change in personality, as well as supernatural strength. The person may also engage in anti-social behavior and share information that he or she would not normally know. Although Western cultures do not take demon possession seriously, there are some symptoms that can indicate that a person is experiencing demonic possession.

During the medieval period, the concept of demonic possession was commonly held. The idea of demonic possession has its roots in myths about demons, which originated in a local religious community. Many Europeans were killed in witch hunts during this period. Furthermore, in the early modern period, demonic possession was very common.

The Judeo-Christian Bible mentions the presence of both malignant and benign spirits. The devil is usually associated with the New Testament, but Old Testament scripture also mentions the existence of demons. Believers can be influenced by either type of spirit. Jesus himself was tempted by a malignant spirit while in the desert.


The causes of demonic possession are not always readily apparent. In fact, they can vary from case to case, making it difficult to distinguish demonic influence from conditions that are associated with fallen humanity. However, there are certain common characteristics that can help identify demonic possession. These traits are discussed below. To begin, a person who is experiencing demonic possession will not remember anything about their behavior during possessed episodes.

Full blown demonic possession can result in the perpetration of heinous acts, including suicide or violent behavior. It can also cause the sufferer to develop foul smells, speak in tongues, and exhibit physical contortions. The person suffering from this condition may also experience sudden and unexpected weight loss and emaciation. In rare cases, the sufferer may react to holy water or objects.

Another common cause of demonic possession is the involvement of occult practices. Often, this involvement includes participating in satanic rituals, divination, or other New Age practices. Children who engage in these activities may also experience demonic possession. In addition, a person who has been possessed by an evil spirit may also be prone to addictions.

Besides these common characteristics, demonic possession can occur for many reasons. A person with demonic possession may be suffering from a physical illness, or the person is under a curse or is dealing with occult matters. Even though this condition can have any number of causes, it’s crucial for the exorcist to determine the reasons for the possession.

Demonic possession is an experience that involves the complete takeover of a person’s personality by a malevolent entity. The person who is possessed has no control over himself or herself, and his true destructive nature becomes manifested through lucid dreams and other symptoms. Often, the person cannot sleep and the mind races with many thoughts. This situation can become so severe that family and friends may observe the person talking to himself or herself. Eventually, the person’s negative emotions will become so intense that spiritual help must be sought.

Some people are more likely to experience demonic possession when they consume certain foods. Demons enter our bodies through food, and eating certain foods is one of the most common ways they do it. The apple is the favourite vehicle of Demons, and it is thought to have been involved in the fall of Adam and Eve. In fact, a possessed apple once caused so much trouble for the townspeople in Annecy, Savoy, France.

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