Hypnosis Tips: How To Slip Your Ideas Into The Minds Of Others

Everybody’s seen the movie, “Inception,” right? How they can secretly plant ideas into the minds of others? That would be amazing, wouldn’t it! Just for a moment, imagine you could really do that. You could slip ideas into other people’s minds. What ideas would you put there?

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“Buy my product.” “Give me your phone number.” “That’s a great idea!”

But that’s fiction right? Not really. The truth is there really is a way to get people to think the way you want them to. Of course, you should never abuse this. You should always make sure that the ideas you are getting other people to think are things they want to do anyway, right?

See, although you can abuse this power, it’s not a good idea. Not just for moral or ethical reasons. Because if you do, people are going to know, and they are going to be very angry. So don’t do it!

That being said, how do you use this wonderful technique of covert hypnosis?

Simple. It involves using a kind of vague language, in a way that they will have to fill in the blanks, in their mind, with their own experience.

For example, if you said, “Imagine the perfect piece of pizza, with cheese and mushrooms and some shiny anchovies on top, all topped with extra hot sauce!” Now, that would only make them hungry if they liked the same thing you liked. Most people don’t like pizza with anchovies and hot sauce, so that sentence probably wouldn’t work with too many people.

But how about this sentence:

“Imagine the perfect dish, right in front of you. Imagine smelling it right now, exactly the way you like it. Now look at it. Imagine the perfect colors, the perfect shape, and the perfect size. Imagine me giving you that, right now, saying, this is all for you to enjoy exactly how you want.”

That’s much, much better. You have to fill in the blanks, and unless you’ve just eaten, you probably are starting to get a little bit hungry. And here’s the best part. I don’t even need to know what kind of food you like, but I’ve already got you imagining your favorite food. Now what if we were sitting in a park or something, and I wanted to ask you to have dinner with me. This would make it much more likely that you would join me!

The good news is that there are many, many different ways to use this technology, to use other people’s ideas to get them to do just want you want, for their own reasons. This not only means that there won’t be any resistance, but it also means they’ll be very glad, and want to do it again for you in the future!

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